Tailored Advice

1. Review your import/export procedures.
 Are you monitoring the work undertaken by your freight agent?
Are you compliant with Customs requirements? Are you paying the right duty/VAT? Would you benefit from one of the many Customs facilitation schemes/regimes and/or simplifications?

2.Customs Commodity Codes. Health check on the commodities you are dealing in to give the business peace of mind that the correct duty/VAT is being paid.Where necessary assistance on obtaining Binding Tariff rulings from Revenue.

3. ValuationMost transactions in buying and selling are based upon ‘the price paid or payable’. However, many factors can influence the price paid e.g. buyer and seller relationships, add ons and deductions such as commissions, tooling, royalties and many more. Where there is no actual sale, other methods of valuation have to be considered. A review of your imports will reveal whether any of these factors are relevant. 

4. Reclaiming Customs Duty. Assisting you through the process where overpayments made.

5. Reviewing Customs recommendations, directives and demands for underpaid duty following an auditConfirming that duty demands are appropriate and reviewing your procedures to ensure future compliance.

6.Customs Regimes and Suspensive Procedures – Guiding you through the application process and ensuring you have the necessary records to meet the strict conditions of approval.

7.Training Training and education on all aspects of International Trade tailored to your needs, including Customs Regimes, Simplifications and General Import and Export Customs Procedures.