Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)

What is AEO all about ?

AEO is a Customs quality mark which indicates that a business is a secure operator within the International Trade Supply chain and has procedures in place that are both efficient and compliant with Customs controls. 

It was introduced in 2008 and is an EU wide accreditation as the EU’s response to terrorism and the need to secure international trade supply chains. 

Most Economic Operators involved in the International Trade supply chain that carry out Customs related activities are eligible to apply.

There are two types of AEO certificate:

– Customs Simplifications – AEOC
– Security and Safety – AEOS

What are the benefits – AEOC?

A lower risk score with Customs and priority over non AEO’s– Industry kite mark and marketing tool.

– Fast tracking of applications for Customs Simplifications such as Local Clearance and Simplified Declaration Procedures. 

What are the benefits – AEOS?

– Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) with third countries.

– Priority treatment for custom control.

– Recognition as a Secure and Safe Business Partner.

By its very nature, AEO status implies that an operator has very high standards in the way that it goes about its business, both in terms of its internal management systems and security standards. Customs will perform an in depth evaluation of the traders systems before the status is granted.

What Customs Trade Solutions can offer you !

1. Give you a full overview of the application process and methodology.
2. Guide you through the in depth questionnaire with specific expertise available in the significant aspects of security and safety and customs compliance and practical Standards of Competence.
3. Assist you in vetting your procedures, Revenue evaluation and reaching the required standard.