Customs Trade Solutions is dedicated to assisting all types of businesses including importers, exporters, freight agents and freight forwarders in all aspects of customs related international regulations and facilatition schemes. 


CustomsTradeSolutions will guide and advise business on the core components for enhancing and updating a customs compliance programme with reference to the Union Customs Code. Is your
company ready for the introduction
of the Comprehensive Guarantee for
Customs debts/bonds/deferred
payments? CustomsTradeSolutions will provide the solution.


CustomsTradeSolutions can provide customs procedures manuals
for business and can also advise on the implementation of customs statements of practice.


CustomsTradeSolutions can advise and deal with all aspects of Revenue Customs Audits from “beginning to end”.

On the most profitable lie, the course of events presently lays a destructive tax, whilst frankness invites frankness, puts the parties on a convenient footing, and makes their business a friendship.             Ralf Waldo Emerson

  • Customs Health Check

    Are you aware of the customs facilitation schemes and simplifications available to reduce your duty liability and simplify the process of importing/exporting

  • Authorised Economic Operator Applications

    I will guide you through the application process and vetting your business methods to ensure you meet the stringent requirements of Customs Compliance, Satisfactory Business Management Systems, Practical Standards of Competence, Proven Solvency, Security and Safety

  • Tailored Advice

    I offer tailored advice and services to meet your needs and requirements.